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"Men in Balance has been a positive resource for me in how I view the world and what I might learn from a male's point of view. I have participated in sessions and have enjoyed meaningful dialogue and exploration of ideas with the founder. This program is greatly needed and I can only hope that we can get a women's group started with the same format. The various programs have helped me to better process my husband's viewpoint as well as those of my boss at work."

— Phyllis

What is Men in Balance™?

Men in Balance is a non-profit 501(c)(3), faith-based, non-denominational organization whose primary goal is to provide support for men seeking balance and integration in their occupational, spiritual, and personal lives. The primary vehicle to do this is conversations with other men facing similar issues. These conversations are held in:

  • Men's groups in churches or synagogues
  • Web forums
  • Men's networking groups
  • Small self-directed discussion groups

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